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The Attix 50 series (12 gallon vacuums) comes in five models:
  1. the Attix 50 Basic
  2. the Attix 50 HEPA
  3. the Attix 50 AS/E (Autostart/Electric)
  4. the Attix 50 AS/E XC (Autostart/Electric with XtremeClean self-cleaning filter system)
  5. the Attix 50 AS/PE XC (Autostart Pneumatic/Electic with XtremeClean self-cleaning filter system) 

The Attix 50 series vacuums are designed for  contractors, drywallers, woodworkers, body shops, oil and lube shops for vacuuming autos, and other commerical or industrial uses.  

The Attix 50 Basic and the Attix 50 HEPA are identical and have the exact same power head.   The only difference is the Basic model filters to 1.0 microns, which is perfectly suitable to capture drywall or sanding dust. The HEPA model provides greater filtration to 0.3 microns, which is sometimes necessary for picking up asbestos, lead based paint, or for hospitals.

The Attix 50 AS/E and Attix 50 AS/E XtremeClean, as well as the Attix 50 AS/PE XC Pneumatic/Electric Autostart with XtremeClean have several features that make them more durable than the Attix 50 Basic or Attix 50 HEPA.  All models come with the 1.0 micron washable, reusable filter, except for the Attix 50 HEPA which has a 0.3 micron HEPA filter which is not washable.

The main difference is that when you move up to the Attix 50 AS/E and Attix 50
XtremeClean models, they have some features that make them more durable, including the Soft Start technology and a metal floor nozzle, as opposed to the plastic floor nozzle on the Attix 50 Basic and Attix 50 HEPA models.  Soft Start technology gently gears up the motor over 2 seconds to decrease wear on the motor, particularly if you have multiple on/off cycles in a day. This enhances durability.  So if you expect to turn the vacuum on and off multiple times per day, you should get a model with Soft Start technology.

XtremeClean filter system, which is a new feature never offered in previous Wap models, blows half the filter clean while the other half is being used for suction, so you always have continual, uninterrupted suction and cleaning of the filter.  Every 15 seconds, the vacuum swaps and blows the other half off.  Click here to see a video demo of the XtremeClean filter working.   We do not want to represent this as a filter you never have to clean.  The XtremeClean feature is really, really nice, though, and it will give you about 25 times as long between iterations of needing to manually knock out or blow out the filter.  So, if you are working with drywall, sanding, woodworking, or fine dust, this is an excellent model for you.  About 90% of our customers find the XtremeClean self-cleaning system to be so good they do not have to use any bags or a pre-filter (also called a Filter Liner) with their vacuum.  Some, however, will enhance the cleanliness of the filter by using bags or a Filter Liner with it.

Autostart turns the vacuum on/off when you to plug a small tool such as a sander or saw (600 watts or less) into the vacuum and turn the tool on/off.  The Autostart feature comes only on the Attix 50 AS/E, the Attix 50 AS/E XC XtremeClean (electric autostart only) and Attix 50 AS/PE XC Pneumatic/Electric Autostart.  There is a standard household style outlet on the front of the vacuum to allow for this. For the pneumatic autostart, there is an air supply line input going into the vacuum, and an pneumatic output where you would connect the pneumatic tool's supply line. These models are set up for only 1 operator Autostart use.  If you need to connect 2 autostart tools into a vacuum, we recommend the larger Attix 19 Pneumatic/Electric Autostart with XtremeClean which is set up for 2 operators (or you can add a Y-splitter onto a 12 gallon vacuum as noted below).

Things to keep in mind about the Attix 50 series (12 gallon) models:  they are about 12-15 pounds heavier than the Attix 30 (8 gallon) models and a little taller, so they are not quite as portable.  They do have better, more durable wheels (though the Attix 30 series' wheels are really good too, just the Attix 30 series doesn't have the shopping cart style front wheels that the Attix 12 has).  All models come with a metal wand, except the Attix 12 AS/PE XC.   Even so, all Attix 50 series vaccums are rated at the same 135 CFM, 92" vertical water lift.

All models come with a metal wand and a 1.5" diameter suction hose except the Attix 50 AS/PE XC (Pneumatic/Electric Autostart with XtremeClean) model, which has a slightly smaller 1.25" diameter hose that has an integrated air line to supply air to pneumatic tools.  The Attix 50 AS/PE XC model is designed with sanding in mind, so you can hook a small hand tool directly to the vacuum hose.  We really don't get too many complaints of things getting jammed up in the smaller hose, and if you ever need a 1.5" or 2" diameter hose, you could buy this separately since the inlet on all Attix models, regardless of 8, 12 or 19 gallon size, is 2" and can suit a larger hose.  And, if you ever need to adapt a 1.5" hose to a hand tool, there is an optional tool adaptor.

Also, any non-HEPA model can be converted to to have HEPA filtration instead of the standard 1.0 micron filtration by purchasing a HEPA filter for your vacuum.  You can also use a Y-splitter to allow two users to plug into a vacuum's suction hose input.  These vacuums have plenty of suction power to allow for 2 users.  You may also add on additional suction hose (hose can be purchased by the foot) for up to 40 feet of suction hose.

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