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The Blastrac BDC-1112 Vacuums are manufactured in Germany by Wap/Alto (parent company is Nilfisk), known for being the highest quality producer of wet/dry vacuums in the world. The newer generation of these vacuums are the Attix series vacuums shown on our web site. Blastrac labeled the Wap/Alto vacuums under their name. See the similarities below:

We have a full line of bags, filters, parts, motors, etc. for these vacuums.

The Wap/Alto vacuum eqivalent of the Blastrac BDC-1112 is the Attix 12.

Bags for Blastrac BDC-1112, use bag 302004004 (click on part number to see the bags)
Filter 1.0 micron for Blastrac BDC-1112, use filter 302000751
HEPA filter 0.3 micron, 99.99% filtration (meets EPA & OSHA standards) for Blastrac BDC-1112, use filter 107400564

For any other parts for the Blastrac BDC-1112 vacuums, or questions about the new generation of Nilfisk/Wap/Alto dust collection vacuums, please email us at [email protected] or call 800-214-9111.