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HEPA "Packages" are the complete set up to comply with the EPA RRP Standard.

HEPA Packages include:
  • HEPA vacuum
  • Provides filtration to 99.99% at 0.3 microns, exceeding EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) standards for HEPA filtration
  • Turbine Beater Bar Nozzle
  • Wood Floor Brush Nozzle - for scrubbing down floors or walls
  • Pack of 5 bags - bags made of polypropylene, very durable and protective if you pick up damp material. Bags are recommended by the EPA for containment and easy disposal of dust, and protect your HEPA filter from getting dirty, allowing for a longer filter life-span
  • Additional non-HEPA 1.0 micron filter. This gives you versatility of operations. If you have a non-HEPA job, you don't have to waste your HEPA filter on a non-HEPA job. Simply unscrew the HEPA filter, and screw on the non-HEPA filter, which is a washable filter and good for wet or dry pickup.

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