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Hospital Vacuum Nilfisk GM80 CR Clean Room Vacuum with ULPA Filtration
List Price: $2,498.00
our Price: $2,115.00
Sale Price: $1,898.00
You save $600.00!

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Click HERE to see a selection of Attix HEPA filters, or if you need a HEPA filter to convert an existing Wap/Attix/Alto non-HEPA vacuum to HEPA certified

Click HERE for a selection of Bags for your Wap/Attix/Alto vacuum. It is recommended to always use bags when using a HEPA filter

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Attix HEPA Vacuums Exceed EPA RRP HEPA Filtration Requirements
  • Attix Vacuums exceed EPA HEPA Filtration Requirements by filtering to 0.3 microns with 99.99% efficiency.
  • All Attix HEPA vacuums and HEPA filters are individually stamped as HEPA filters, are individually tested and certified to exceed EPA RRP HEPA filtration requirements.
  • Attix HEPA vacuums and filters come with individual HEPA certificates. This provides the necessary documentation and protection you need in case of an inspection.
  • Older model Wap/Attix/Alto/Aero vacuums can be converted to HEPA vacuums by utilizing a HEPA filter on the vacuum. Click HERE for a selection of HEPA filters.
  • It is recommended you avoid off the shelf HEPA vacuums that, unlike Attix HEPA vacuums, often do not have sealed filters or containers, leading to dust blowing through the vacuum. Attix HEPA vacuums are designed for contractor and industrial grade, preventing blow through of dust. Click HERE for a video demonstration.
What users say about the Attix HEPA vacuums
best, quietest, sturdiest vacuum June 15, 2009
Reviewer: Craig R. from Harbor City, CA United States
Working in tennant improvement in the healthcare industry over twenty years I've used several different models of vacuum. Now that HEPA vacs are required I've traded in my big "orange" hepa vacs for the Attix 8. These little blue power houses have stronger suction, are lighter for the crews to care (they love them), and the vacuum bags stay put and don't fall into the canister fouling the whole unit. Best yet they are hundreds of dollars less than my old "orange" hepa units. Try one and you'll be sold. I have ten to date.

Great vac June 17, 2006
Reviewer: Michael Jennings from La Jolla, CA
I got this vacuum to replace a Rigid vac. Wow. What a difference. I didn't know what I was missing til I got this. It is powerful and super quiet. The best shop vac I've ever seen or owned. I had heard from a friend who had one of these vacuums for 16 years how nice they are. And it lives up to my expectations. Now my wife is using it to clean in the house.

"We have just completed work in what for us is no doubt the most challenging work environment and the equipment performed superbly. We could not be more pleased." James W., General Manager, Curtainwall Services Inc, Illinois

Why Attix Vacuums are Superior

Many contractors and many hospitals, including Kaiser Hospitals throughout California, trust Attix HEPA vacuums for superior cleaning, durability, and power.

For further information on why Attix/Wap/Alto vacuums are superior, please click HERE

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