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Can your vacuum do what you see in this picture? Nilfisk Vacuums, engineered with German Wap Technology, have set the standard as the best, most durable and powerful vacuums for home and contractor use for over 30 years.

Can your vacuum do what you see in this picture? Nilfisk Vacuums, engineered with German Wap Technology, have set the standard as the best, most durable and powerful vacuums for home and professional use for over 30 years.

When you buy a vacuum, you don't want something from a fly-by-night company...or a vacuum that will lose suction power over time. You want something proven to work well for years to come.

Nilfisk, a company of over 5,000 employees, is known worldwide for making the best industrial vacuum systems in the world since 1906. That's why NASA has trusted Nilfisk vacuums to clean toxins from the Space Shuttle for 30 years.

If you need a commercial vacuum for your business to meet EPA RRP and OSHA standards or you just want a powerful vacuum for your home, Nilfisk vacuums are well worth the investment.

Industrial Vacuums, Inc. has over 20 years of experience with Nilfisk and we strongly believe they are the best vacuums available on the market. Unlike “off-the-shelf” wet-dry vacuums, you will not see dust blowing out of Nilkfisk products.

In our experience working with thousands of contractors, industrial users, hospital cleaners, auto body shops, professional cleaning businesses, government entities and homeowners, no other vacuum cleaning system meets the needs of these customers more than the Nilfisk-Alto Attix Wap Technology vacuums. Their durability makes them the choice of Jiffy Lube centers and Mercedes/BMW dealers nationwide.

Below is information to help you understand the quality designed into these vacuums.

The newest generation of the Nilfisk-Alto Wap Technology vacuums are called "Attix" vacuums.

The Nilfisk Attix model series of vacuums, engineered with German Wap Technology, have such a good name that even though Wap, the original manufacturer, was acquired by Alto vacuums and later by Nilfisk (one of the largest vacuum producers in the world), they are often referred to by each name: Wap, Alto and Nilfisk because all of these companies are associated with high quality, durability, and excellence.

Advantages of Nilfisk Attix Wap Technology vacuums include:

92 inches static vertical water lift (see photo above). Powerful enough to pick up wood chips, nuts, bolts, and extract water. Compare this to 40-65 inches in standard off the shelf vacuums. The power rating puts Nilfisk Attix Wap Technology vacuums in the class of extractors.

Powerful 1.6 HP bypass motors. Bypass motors are self-cooling and offer high suction performance with little chance of ever burning up. This leads to longer service life. (Note: Most cheap wet/dry vacuums will claim 1.6 HP, and up to 8 HP at peak levels. But you do not want to compare vacuums using horsepower. What matters is the vertical inches of water lift - which is the truest measure of how a vacuum harnesses power.)

Low noise. These are the world's quietest vacuums, most generating only 59 decibels of noise. A quiet vacuum saves your hearing and makes the workplace safer. You can talk on the phone next to these vacuums.

Durability. Our vacuums are designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial users. Many customers have owned their vacuums for over 10 years, and some over 20 years.

HEPA filtration at 0.3 microns, 99.99% Exceeds EPA Standards. Nilfisk Attix HEPA vacuums filter out dust down to 0.3 microns in size, meeting OSHA, EPA, and Department of Defense requirements. In fact, Nilfisk Attix HEPA vacuums come with a certificate that each filter is individually tested (not batch tested, but individually tested) to exceed the EPA RRP requirement of 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns.

1 micron filtration for Non-HEPA Filters. Standard non-HEPA Nilfisk Attix filters will contain dust particles as small as 1.0 microns, catching most dusts, including drywall dust. The 1.0 micron filters are made of very durable fleece material that is washable and reusable to give a long life. The 1.0 micron filters are coated with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which gives them increased durability, strength and resists mildew. The 1.0 micron filters are washable. The 1.0 micron non-HEPA filters are so good you can suck up fireplace ash and that won't even blow through the vacuum. And even better, if you buy a vacuum with a non-HEPA filter and want to get a HEPA filter later, it's no problem, they are interchangeable.

Sealed Vacuums and Two Stage Filtration. By using bags, a second stage of filtration is created (i.e. bags + filter). The bags are very strong, made of polyproyplene, and will capture almost all dust before it reaches the vacuum filter. All Nilfisk Attix vacuums are sealed with gaskets to prevent leakage. Again, you will never see dust blowing through these vacuums.

Push and Clean and XtremeClean filter cleaning systems. Clean filters without opening up vacuum. Click HERE for additional information.

1 gallon per second suction performance. Vacuums suck up 1 gallon per second.

Wet/Dry Capability. Vacuums can go from wet to dry with no filter changes. (Note: It is recommended that HEPA vacuums be used for dry pickup only, unless you unscrew the HEPA filter and screw on the 1.0 micron non-HEPA filter noted above which is made for getting wet.)

Durable hoses. Suction hoses on vacuums are designed to be virtually indestructible.

Auto-Electric or Pneumatic Start. This feature can be added to most vacuums for using the vacuum with dust-generating tools, such as sanders, so that the vacuum turns on when the tool is turned on.

Easy maneuverability. Most vacuums come mounted on a metal cart with large rear wheels for easy maneuvering up and down stairs or across uneven surfaces.

Durable canisters. Canisters are durable, made of either stainless steel or poly material.

Trusted Name. Over the years, Nilfisk developed a relationship with NASA, playing an important role in NASA's pre-flight preparation. For more than 20 years, Nilfisk's industrial vacuums have been used for decontamination of the Space Shuttle's cargo bay before the doors are closed prior to launch. Nilfisk ensures the successful decontamination of the Space Shuttle's cargo bay.

For more information about any vacuum, part or accessory, please contact us at 800-214-9111 or by email at [email protected]. We have over 18 years of experience with these vacuums and strongly believe they will be the best vacuum you ever own. Thank you.

What users say about the Nilfisk Attix HEPA vacuums

best, quietest, sturdiest vacuum June 15, 2009
Reviewer: Craig R. from Harbor City, CA United States
Working in tennant improvement in the healthcare industry over twenty years I've used several different models of vacuum. Now that HEPA vacs are required I've traded in my big "orange" hepa vacs for the Attix 8. These little blue power houses have stronger suction, are lighter for the crews to care (they love them), and the vacuum bags stay put and don't fall into the canister fouling the whole unit. Best yet they are hundreds of dollars less than my old "orange" hepa units. Try one and you'll be sold. I have ten to date.

Great vac June 17, 2006
Reviewer: Michael Jennings from La Jolla, CA
I got this vacuum to replace a Rigid vac. Wow. What a difference. I didn't know what I was missing til I got this. It is powerful and super quiet. The best shop vac I've ever seen or owned. I had heard from a friend who had one of these vacuums for 16 years how nice they are. And it lives up to my expectations. Now my wife is using it to clean in the house.

"We have just completed work in what for us is no doubt the most challenging work environment and the equipment performed superbly. We could not be more pleased. "James W., General Manager, Curtainwall Services Inc, Illinois