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Attix vacuums come with either the Push and Clean filter system or the XtremeClean Self-Cleaning filter system, making them ideal for use in dusty environments, and for woodworkers, sanders, and construction work.

The standard 1.0 micron filters used in Attix vacuums are so good that you will never have dust blowing through the vacuum. (Optional HEPA filters are more efficient, filtering down to 0.3 microns).

Push and Clean filter system
Attix 30 (8 gallon) series vacuums and selected Attix 50 (12 gallon) series vacuums come with the Push and Clean filter system. By covering the hose with your hand and pushing a button on the vacuum, the airflow is reversed to blow the filter out into the canister.

XtremeClean Self-Cleaning filter system
Selected Attix 50 (12 gallon) models come with the XtremeClean (XC) system. This sytem automatically blows off the filter every 15 seconds. Click HERE for a video demonstration of the system as it keeps a filter clean while sucking up a 50 lb. bag of Portland Cement mix.