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The Attix 30 series (8 gallon vacuums) comes in three models:
  1. the Attix 30 Basic
  2. the Attix 30 AS/E (Autostart/Electric)
  3. the Attix 30 HEPA
  4. the Attix 30 AS/E XtremeClean
(Note, any model not labeled as HEPA can be converted to a HEPA vacuum by simply purchasing a HEPA filter. The non-HEPA filter is rated at 1.0 micron. The HEPA filter is rated a 0.3 microns.)

The Attix 30 series vacuums are really designed for light contractor, light woodworking, light office cleaning, or home shop or home use in mind. They are also the most portable of the vacuums, so they are designed with mobility in mind, particularly if you have to move between job sites.

All Attix 30 models have the Push and Clean filter cleaning system. By pushing a button on the vacuum and covering the suction hose with your hand, the air flow is reversed to blow dust off the filter and back into the canister.

The XtremeClean model has a self-cleaning filter system instead of the push-to-clean filter. This filter system blows half of the filter clean every 15 seconds
so you always have continual, uninterrupted suction and cleaning of the filter. After 15 seconds, it swaps and blows the other half off. Click here to see a video demo of the XtremeClean filter working. We do not want to represent this as a filter you never have to clean. The XtremeClean feature is really, really nice, though, and it will give you about 10-20 times as long between iterations of needing to manually knock out or blow out the filter. So, if you are working with drywall, sanding, woodworking, or fine dust, this is an excellent model for you. About 90% of our customers find the XtremeClean self-cleaning system to be so good they do not have to use any bags or a pre-filter (also called a Filter Liner) with their vacuum. Some, however, will enhance the cleanliness of the filter by using bags or a Filter Liner with it.

The Attix 30 Basic and the Attix 30 HEPA are identical and have the exact same power head. The only difference is the Basic model filters to 1.0 microns, which is perfectly suitable to capture drywall or sanding dust. The HEPA model provides greater filtration to 0.3 microns, which is sometimes necessary for picking up asbestos, lead based paint, or for hospitals.

The Attix 30 AS/E (Autostart/Electric) with Push to Clean Filter System has some added features for the drywaller, woodworker, or picking up fine dust. The Autostart allows you to plug in a small hand tool (not over 600 watts) into the vacuum so that when the tool is turned on/off, the vacuum automatically turns on/off. The Push to Clean Filter system allows you to blow the filter off back into the vacuum canister by pushing a button on the top of the vacuum. This is a nice feature if you work around lots of dust; however, we have found that the push to clean system only offers about 5-10 times the amount of time between needing to bang or blow out the filter manually. Thus, if you expect to pick up a lot of dust, you should consider using a Filter Liner (which is a pre-filter) or bags to protect the filter from dust accumulation, OR you can use the Attix 30 AS/E XC (XtremeClean) model with self-cleaning filter system. The Attix 30 AS/E Autostart and Attix 30 AS/E XtremeClean vacuums also have Soft Start technology, which gently gears up the motor over 2 seconds to decrease wear on the motor, particularly if you have multiple on/off cycles in a day. This enhances durability. This model also offers variable speed control so you can dial up or down the level of suction by controlling the speed of the motor.

The Attix 30 vacuums weigh about 22 lbs and are about knee-high in height. One good thing about the Attix 30 models is that even though they are the cheapest of the vacuums available, they come with the same 1.0 micron washable, reusable filters that the more expensive vacuums have.

All models come with a chrome metal wand. You should note the Attix 30 AS/E Autostart and the Attix 30 AS/E XtremeClean models have a slightly smaller 1.25" diameter antistatic hose, while the Attix 30 Basic and Attix 30 HEPA come with a 1.5" diameter hose. This smaller 1.25" diameter hose is designed with sanding in mind, so you can hook a small hand tool directly to the vacuum hose and easily maneuver the hose with the tool. We really don't get too many complaints of things getting jammed up in the smaller hose, and if you ever need a 1.5" or 2" diameter hose, you could buy this separately since the inlet on all Attix models, regardless of 8, 12 or 19 gallon size, is 2" and can suit a larger hose. And, if you ever need to adapt a 1.5" hose to a hand tool, there is an optional tool adapter.

Also, any Attix 30 non-HEPA model can be converted to to have HEPA filtration instead of the standard 1.0 micron filtration by purchasing a HEPA filter for your vacuum.

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